Hi there 👋

My name is Rajen Dharmendra and this site is a collection of recipes, reflections and desultory posts about Data Engineering, analytics and visualisation plus everything else that I fancy to categorise under the ‘analytics’ umbrella. I’m a native of Chennai but since my university days I have lived in Singapore,North-East Africa,Dubai and now in Toronto .

I worked as a Network Engineer, Developer, Cloud Developer and Data Engineer. My main interests lie in both, technical aspects of data engineering (primarily utilising Python and cloud IaaS/PaaS solutions) and on Data-warehouse technologies . On the whole, I am very fond of anything closely or remotely related to data and as long as it can be represented as a string of ones and zeros and then analysed and visualised, you’ve got my attention!

Outside sporadic updates to this site I typically find myself fiddling with data, spending time with my kids or a good book (these days odds are against the book), the gym or watching a good movie . Please read on and if you find these posts of any interests, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!